25 décembre 2009

All what I feel

The morning shines like a candle in the darkness

And it brings me back to my so deep loneliness

Where desire burns my soul and my broken heart

And takes away what is certainly my better part

No one can understand what I am going through

And all what I have to endure, only because of you

Since our ways crossed and your eyes met mine

I went beyond all I used to believe, my border line

I think of you, I dare confess, every night and day

My mind is not strong enough to blow you away

And even if I wanted to, I am not sure I could do so

My blood runs in my veins like an erupting volcano

All what I feel, all what I need, is under your reign

You are the only one for whom I would campaign

You are the sun mesmerizing the ground of my will

And without you, my life is just a bleak winter chill

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